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Birmingham and Midland Marine Services, in conjunction with JD Boat Services (Gailey) Limited can offer a narrowboat holiday combined with Helmsman training for up to three of your party.

This course is accredited by the Royal Yachting Association.

Click here to download short training break literature.

Birmingham & Midland Marine hopes that your Royal Yachting Association ‘Inland Waterways Helmsman’s Course’, combined with upmarket narrowboat holiday hire will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience and that after the course you will feel confident out on the waterways, enjoying your holiday.

The pace of life on the canals and the river is nice and easy and we try to reflect this in our instruction style. If you would like something showing to you again then ask! If you are not sure of something, then again, just ask!

We are really happy that you have decided to consider instruction and not going in ‘head first’, unprepared for what you may experience afloat, so make the most of your time with us. Glad you are reading this!

The Inland Waterways Helmsman's Course Syllabus

Deck Work

Helmsmanship and Boat Handling

Personal Safety

Boat Safety



Bridges and Tunnels

Collision avoidance

Care of the Environment